• A roll of flat flex conveyor belt on the desk with a dozen of paper on the desk.
  • Several rolls of balanced weave conveyor belts in the warehouse.
  • Several flexible rod conveyor belts with U-shaped edge.
  • A piece of flat wire belt with clinched edge.
  • A piece of eye flex conveyor belt with round wires and chain link edge.

Metal Conveyor Belt - Wire or Plate Conveyor Belt Types

Our company has more than fifteen years' experience of manufacturing and exporting metal conveyor belt. In the fifteen years, we earn the trust of our customers by our high quality products, fast delivery and enthusiastic service. Also we have full range of products for our customers' choice, they can get the satisfied products in our company. Our metal conveyor belt along with polyester and rubber conveyor belt are popular in various industries from chemical, food to mine, coal industries.

We are developed and will be developing in the future, you can browse our website and see the success secret of our company.

BOEGGER - Best Quality, Strictest Standard

Full range of products
Here are all kinds of conveyor belt for your choice. The main types of conveyor belt we can supply are metal conveyor belt, including chain link conveyor belt, rod conveyor belt, flat flex conveyor belt and perforated plate conveyor belt.
Except for the metal conveyor belt, we can also supply the polyester conveyor belt and rubber conveyor belt. You can choose them according to your applications and environments.

Various applications
Metal conveyor belt is mainly used in various food industry, seafood industry, chemical industry and packing industry. With high quality and long lifespan, the metal conveyor belt is popular in baking, freezing, cooling, heating and sorting applications.
The polyester conveyor belt is mainly used for dewatering, washing, drying and filtering applications. It is widely accept in medicine, papermaking, environmental protection and food industries.
Rubber conveyor belt is mainly used in the heavy duty industries, such as mining, coal, metal smelting applications.

A chain link conveyor belt is conveying bread and a detail of products.

High efficient production
We have two secrete of high efficient production, they can ensure the smooth production and on time delivery.

  • Advanced equipment. All our equipment are introduced from abroad, which is automatic. We have equipped with more than twenty sets of automatic equipment for continuous production. Also the precise sizes and beautiful surface are benefit from the advanced equipment.
  • Skilled workers. All our workers have several years experienced of producing metal conveyor belt. They know how to operate the equipment, how to reduce losses and save production times. They can help us shorten production and delivery time.

Strict test process
We are insisting that quality is the best for customers and it is the key point of cooperation. We must deliver the best quality steel mesh conveyor belt to our customers.
We have strict test process, all the products should be test in the test department according to the international standard and industrial standard. Only the qualified products can be delivered to our customers. Additional, we can supply the mill certificate to our customers for their reference and test.

Two picture of flat flex conveyor belt testing.

Fast delivery
Except for the high efficient production, we have other ways to ensure the fast delivery.

  • Fast and perfect package. We have wooden cases and pallets in stock, and all our packing workers are skilled. They can packed the products in the short time and guarantee the package is perfect.
  • Professional loading equipment. We are equipped with professional loading workers to help us carry the products into containers. Also, we have forklift and other equipment to save loading times.
  • Convenient transport. Another important way for fast delivery is the convenient transport. We are located in Anping county, which has convenient transport and advanced distribution center. It will take only two hours to arrive the Xin'gang Port.

Professional technical support
We have professional technicians, which can solve all your problems during using. They are skilled and professional, and they will give you some suggestions and advice about how to choose and how to improve working efficiency.
So if you have any problems when you using the conveyor belt, just contact them to get solutions. Or you can browse the technical support center to get more technical data about the metal conveyor belt.

Several wooden cases of flat flex conveyor belt and a professional server.

If you are interested in our products, just contact us via info@metalconveyorbelts.org, we are standing here to serve you.

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